Naruto dating hinata fanfiction

Read chapter 3 from the story a naruhina fanfiction by aoi_chii (aoi-chii) with 5,022 reads hinatahyuuga, naruto, uzumaki the next day hinata was talking t. Naruto and hinata reunite with the rest of the team and exit the underground passage, arriving in what they later discover is the moon's interior.

Fanfiction | unleash follow/fav love in life by: it has been four years sense naruto and hinata started dating and three years sense sasuke has left to join. Hinata's loved naruto since the beginning now she finally has him but what happens when naruto breaks her heart when she finds him kissing sakura this is a.

Fanfiction | unleash follow/fav hinata's bravery and naruto's realization by: hinata, i know you and naruto are dating now but i don't want you two doing. Play more than 11500 free flash games, online games, dress up games and much more, we add new free games every day naruto dating hinata - naruto dating hinata. Hinata has finally gathered her confidence to ask naruto out on a datesort of hinata accidently turns naruto into a fox and has to take care of him.

Read chapter 14: first date from the story will you (naruhina fanfiction) by ysangmanunulat with 4,594 reads hinata, naruto, wattys2015 naruto woke up earli. Browse through and read thousands of naruto hinata sakura ino tenten fanfiction stories and books. Read naruto and hinata: chapter 5 from the story naruto and hinata fanfic by emianime it had been my dream to be actually dating naruto and now its finally.

Naruto & hinata's family hikane happens to be the first born, who was born durring naruto: college freshmen ichiro was later concieved durring the third fanfiction, after about 9 months after an affair between hinata and naruto. Throughout naruto's life there had been many adjectives he would have used to describe hinata such as quiet, shy, weird, dark, and awkward however, in the past few days, naruto's opinion of hinata had begun to change.

3 lucid ยป by cbehrills when naruto and hinata begin their pursuit of a the characters in this fanfiction t, family and neji have been dating for a. Anyways, i must get going ino, i am suposed to pick up hinata in 20 minutes see you later naruto walked to the exit bye naruto, good luck on your date naruto walked to the hyuga complex where hinata lived he rang her door bell hinata answered, and naruto was in complete awe hinata you look, beautiful naruto couldn't even. Sakura's choice introduction sequel to the assassination of kiba inuzuka ino, tenten, and temari pressure sakura to choose between naruto and sasuke because even though sakura us happy with naruto, sasuke, who was dating hinata.

Naruto dating hinata fanfiction
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